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Canada’s role in U.S. energy policy
On June 14, Ralph Klein, the Alberta Premier, will sit down with Dick Cheney, the U.S. Vice-President, in Washington to discuss Alberta’s role in U.S. energy policy and to ensure that the Americans understand the province retains exclusive control of its natural resource. Jean Chrétien, the Prime Minister, said the federal government, not the province of Alberta, will have the final say in determining Canada’s role in U.S. energy policy, leading the Canadian Alliance to predict a new round of bitter conflicts between Ottawa and the oil-rich province over control of natural resources.
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BC Votes
British Columbia elections are hard-fought affairs and the outcomes tend to be
close. In five province-wide contests going back two decades, the average spread between the winning party and the also-ran was less than five points in the popular vote. Over half a century, no provincial party has managed to appeal to better than 50% of an invariably polarized electorate. But the advance numbers tell a much different story about the election that Premier Ujjal Dosanjh call for May 16.
Source: National Post, April 18, 2001.
Election coverage
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Canadian unity in the context of the Summit of the Americas
On Friday, March 23, the Council for Canadian Unity will have the pleasure of hosting a Calgary visit by the Hon. David Kilgour, Canada’s Secretary of State, Latin America and Africa. Mr. Kilgour has written extensively on the topic of regional alienation (Inside Outer Canada and Uneasy Patriots: Western Canadians in Confederation) and has given many addresses on this controversial topic. He also currently acts as one of Canada’s spokespersons for the Summit of the Americas to be held in Quebec April 20 – 22. Mr. Kilgour’s intimate knowledge of both regional alienation in the West and this important upcoming international event make him an ideal person to discuss the Summit’s impact on Canadian Unity.

The lunch will be held in the Bonavista Room at the Westin Hotel, 320 4th Avenue SW. The event will begin at 11:45 and will conclude by 1:15.

Alberta Votes
Premier Ralph Klein called an Alberta election for March 12. Alberta voters, who are enjoying a billion-dollar surplus but enduring high energy bills, will decide
whether to give Klein a third term as premier, and the Tories a ninth-straight majority government.
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Federal Election 2000
Five federal parties vying for voters’
attention headed out, each with its
own view of what Canadians want in a central government. See
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Quebec Liberal policy convention
The decision-making body of the Quebec Liberal Party will meet in Quebec City on October 13, 14, and 15, 2000. ” While the Parti Quebecois convention last May adopted a complete, detailed program, the Liberal congress will settle for adopting general principles to be fleshed out into an actual program before the next election is due two years from now”, wrote Don Macpherson, The Gazette (10/05/00)
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PQ’s forum on citizenship
The Parti Quebecois government’s high-profile forum on citizenship opens last week in Quebec City, under a cloud
of accusations that it’s nothing more than a ruse to convince Quebecers they can’t really be Canadians and Quebecers at the same time. Robert Perreault, minister responsible for citizen relations and immigration, is to sit down with 350 delegates for two days in a bid to hammer out what is supposed to be a new approach to what it means to be a Quebecer.” – The Gazette (09/21/00)
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First ministers conference: The medicare summit
Prime Minister Jean Chretien will meet with provincial premiers to discuss the future of medicare on Sept. 11. The provinces want an immediate restoration of the $4.2-billion in transfer payments for health care cut by Ottawa since 1994, plus a commitment from the federal government to increase funding for the next several years. The federal government, for its part, wants a say in determining how the provinces should be more accountable to Canadians for the way they spend health- care money, a proposal the provinces have rejected so far.
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Annual Premiers’ Conference
Gary Doer, Premier of Manitoba, is the host the 41st Annual Premiers’ Conference, in Winnipeg, from August 9 – 11, 2000.
Conference’s website
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Canadian Alliance Leadership 2000
Calgary, June 23-24, 2000
The Canadian Alliance had sprung from the
Reform Party. And the Reform leader, Preston Manning, said he wanted to lead the new party. But he wasn’t alone. Heading into the June 24th leadership selection, several others wanted the job as well.
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Western Premiers’ Conference
On May 23-25, 2000, the four Western
premiers and three territorial leaders along with representatives of the Western Governors Association are Manitoba’s guests for the annual Western Premiers’ Conference in Brandon. Four of the premiers will be attending their first such conference. The rookies are Ujjal Dosanjh of British Columbia, Gary Doer of Manitoba, Pat Duncan of the Yukon and Stephen Kakfwi of the Northwest Territories.
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PC Party Policy Conference
From May 11 until May 14, 2000, the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada will be holding its National Policy Convention in Québec City. The results of this convention will provide the framework for the development of the party’s official policy platform – a platform that will lead the party into the next federal election.
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P.Q. Convention
May 5-7, 2000
Quebec Premier Lucien Bouchard’s job will be on the line this weekend, as the Parti Quebecois holds its first major convention in four years. Parti Quebecois holds its first major convention in four years. The Parti Quebecois will carry much of the
convention live on the Internet, at
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Liberal party national convention
At the Liberal party national convention March 16-19 in Ottawa, Prime Minister Jean Chretien is expected to announce whether he will fight another election. If Prime Minister announces that he will seek a third term, there had been reports that Paul Martin will seek other career options. The latest story suggested Paul Martin may be approached to lead the International Monetary Fund.
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General consultation on Bill 99
An Act respecting the exercise of the fundamental rights and prerogatives of the Québec people and the Québec state
The Committee on Institutions of the government of Quebec has been instructed to hold public hearings beginning on
8 February 2000 in pursuance of a
general consultation on Bill 99, An Act respecting the exercise of the fundamental rights and prerogatives of the Québec
people and the Québec state.
Individuals and organizations who wish to express their views on this matter must submit a brief to the above Committee. The
Committee will select the individuals and organizations it wishes to hear from among those who have submitted a brief.
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First Ministers’ Meeting
The First Ministers of the Provinces and Territories meet in Quebec city on february 3, 2000. The Agenda : better competitiveness of Canadian economy, health and farm crisis.
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Commonwealth Summit (CHOGM)
November 12-15, 1999
The theme for CHOGM, which opens in
Durban, South Africa, on 12 November, is ‘People-Centred Development: the Challenge of Globalisation’. They will also review global developments, consider a number of reports on Commonwealth functional cooperation and select a new Secretary-General. Among the global
issues they will consider, will be a report from the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) which will address the recent military coup in Pakistan and CMAG’s future role and composition. Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy, who led a CMAG delegation to Pakistan
last week, will be in Durban on November 11 to report to the Group.
Visit the CHOGM `99′ site

The 1999 fall Economic and Fiscal Update Finance Minister Paul Martin is scheduled to appear before the House of Commons
Standing Committee on Finance at 3:00 p.m.
EST on Tuesday, November 2, 1999. He
will tell Canadians that Ottawa expects to have nearly $90-billion over the next five years to divide among new spending, tax cuts and debt reduction, so long as economic growth remains healthy.
Watch The Economic and Fiscal Update

International Conference on federalism
Mont Tremblant – October 5-8, 1999
The Conference bring together elected representatives, civil servants, academics, and private sector representatives from a large number of federal countries. The Conference focus on the challenges posed by the management of federal systems.
See Forum of Federations
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Rural Canada: Moving Forward or Left Behind?
On November 22-24, 2001, the Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy will host a conference that will examine the current challenges facing rural Canada as it navigates the waters of an increasingly urbanized country and globalized economy. The conference first will set aside the
myths about rural Canada’s past and develop a clear picture of its present reality in all of its dimensions — demographic, sociological, economic, political, cultural and ecological.
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The CRIC Papers Launched
The Centre for Research and Information on Canada (CRIC) today launched a new publication meant to contribute to better understanding of issues affecting the federation.
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The first volume of The CRIC Papers/ Les Cahiers du CRIC analyzes a national poll that examines Canadians’ attitudes to international trade and globalization.
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Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)
The FTAA is an evolving blueprint for a trade area that will include Canada, our North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) partners, and all the other democratic countries of South and Central America and the Caribbean
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QLP on the political and constitutional future of Quebec
The Quebec Liberal Party publishes the preliminary report of the special committee of the QLP on the political and constitutional future of Quebec society. This report is only the first stage in the process of updating the position of the Quebec Liberal Party on Canadian
intergovernmental affairs. A more detailed and more extensive final report will follow. These two reports will help the QLP establish its program for the next general
election in Quebec.
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A “two-tier” health system?
Yesterday, the National Post asked the five political parties to provide a definition of a “two-tier” health system. The following are their responses.
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National Post, November 14, 2000

Quebec studies fragility of French language
” Quebec begins a $2-million
examination of the fragility of the French language amid criticism the exercise is a ploy to revive sovereignty and a warning that the real threat is the spread of Québécois jargon. Gérald Larose, former labour leader who heads the commission, said the survival of French in Quebec is far from guaranteed 23 years after the introduction of the French Language Charter, known as Bill 101.”
National Post, November 1, 2000.